Pre-Course workshops, March 11, 2015

Auditorium Ettore Rossi, University Children’s Hospital, Inselspital, Berne, Switzerland
Bus n° 11 (direction “Güterbahnhof”) from railway station to Inselspital, bus stop “Inselspital”.

Official language
English, no simultaneous translation

Beginning and end
March 11, 2015, 14:00h until 18:00h.

Registration to the Postgraduate Course is a prerequisite for workshop participation.

Available workshops
Workshop 1:
“Functional and congenital heart disease echocardiography for neonatal and pediatric intensivist”
2x 90 min., can not be combined with other workshops

Workshop 2:
“Difficult airway management in the critically ill neonate and child”
1x 90 min., can be combined with workshop 3

Workshop 3:
“Ultrasound guided vascular access in neonates and children”
1x 90 min., can be combined with workshop 2

Workshop fees
Workshop 1: 100 CHF
Workshop 2: 50 CHF
Workshop 3: 50 CHF

Registration desk
Foyer of the Auditorium Ettore Rossi
March 11, 2015, 12:00h until 19:00h.

Confirmed workshop teachers
Christian Breschan, Klagenfurt
Ralf Gunter Huth, Mainz
Michael Weidenbach, Leipzig